Raiders vs Bees

This event contains digital content (live streaming or video on demand)

Raiders vs Bees

Raiders are back on home ice for a rare "mid" week game to get your weekend off to a great start.

Get your team shirt on, get the stream plugged in, and send us some photos of you getting back into the groove!
Enjoy your favourite weekend build up tunes as DJ Paul Ludlow pumps up the volume and tries to get some normality back into a deserted Sapphire.

Dont forget your→ 50:50 tickets ← and of course your → signed shirt ←,  both hosted by Raffall. If you can't remember where to find them then check out the → Raiders site ← which has more content than you may remember. Our 50:50 totals have already been over £640 so get buying for a chance of scooping a great start to your weekend with this weeks prize guaranteed at no less than £500!

It is a late one, but with no Raiders games this weekend make the most of it and spoil yourself with a relaxing weekend...........again!

Dont forget you will be getting a link to our on line match night magazine. For you early birds we will send an email link so check your spam folder closer to face off. For you cooler last minute customers the link may be here already →Raiders vs Bees Match Night Magazine



This is an on-line event only. The Sapphire Ice and Leisure centre in line with national Covid rules is closed with the exception of those associated with playing and running Elite Sports.


Dont forget to check your spam folders if you havent seen your confirmation.

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